Bereavement & Loss Counselling

Losing a loved person is one of the most difficult experiences of life and needs lots of attention with love and compassion. Every person grieves in their own unique way, there is no right or wrong. I give you space and my open heart when you are going through the deepest feelings of sadness, pain and loss.

You may want to explore why the person you have lost was so special to you, or what that person brought that you are now missing in yourself. Grief may trigger previous painful losses that have never been grieved. I believe that the love we experience with other people never dies. Even when they are not with us in the physical world, our souls are always connected.

Grief needs lots of time, empathy, compassion and light. I will be with you in moments when you make small steps picking up your life again and explore how you weave your life around that important person who is missing.