What is Psychosynthesis Therapy?

‘Ring the bell that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
- that's how the light gets in’
‘Anthem’ Leonard Cohen

Psychosynthesis was founded by an Italian psychiatrist and neurologist, Robert Assagioli. It is a holistic counselling therapy, which embraces physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the human experience.

The premise of Psychosynthesis is that:

  • each individual has a unique self – which we sometimes call our ‘true essence’
  • the self consists of different parts e.g. ‘critic’, ‘victim’ etc.
  • problems are perceived as opportunities for growth
  • the human spirit has the energy and capacity to heal and regenerate
  • the self has the wisdom to unfold more of itself to enable the unique potential to be actualised
  • connecting with the Transpersonal (a Higher Self) enables us to get in touch with deeper values and purpose
A Psychosynthesis Therapist
  • facilitates the discovery of parts and their qualities that are hidden or underdeveloped, in order to heal and shine
  • works with the client to harmonise the different parts
  • addresses destructive and negative patterns that keeps the client stuck
Wood and Flowers
'The impulse is deep in human beings to seek to transform pain and suffering, not by denying it, but by feeling it in the depths of our being and giving it meaning.'
Herman Hesse